The wealth of nature surrounding Rožňava is the biggest attraction for visitors to the area.

The Gemer region is the only area in Slovakia where you can find attractive natural sites that have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most famous caves among them being Domica, Gombasecká, Aragonite and Dobšinská.
Among the most well-known sights are the majestic castle of Krasna Horka, Betliar Manor and Nature Park and the Andrássy Mausoleum in Krásnohorské Podhradie. The unique churches with medieval wall paintings in Štítnik, Ochtiná and Koceľovce are considered to be a direct part of European culture originating in the Middle Ages.
All these monuments and sites are connected by the Gothic Road, which is the first tourist route of its kind in Slovakia. This coherent circuit is one of the most fascinating and precious treasures of the Spiš and Gemer regions.
Every road leading out of Rožňava leads to unique tourist attractions in an amazing environment. Even the city itself offers plenty of opportunities to learn more about the historical sites and monuments. The heart of its historical centre is the town square of medieval origin - the largest of its kind in Slovakia with many rare architectural monuments.
Visitors can admire the city from the viewing galleries in the Renaissance watchtower. With a rich history of mining and metallurgy, the city of Rožňava can also be examined more closely in the mining museum. There, we can view the Slovak Kras exposition as well as an amazing historical exposition presenting  the most beautiful museum collections of the city and its surroundings.
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